Grant Award 2017

I am pleased to announce that I have been awarded a generous grant from the distinguished Pollock-Krasner Foundation. The Pollock-Krasner grant was established in 1985 for the sole purpose of providing financial assitance to individual artists of established ability through the generosity of the late Lee Krasner, one of the leading abstract expressionist painters and widow of Jackson. Pollock.

Now Available

A survey of mixed-media encaustic paintings. Large-scale landscapes, florals and figurative works are highlighted in this edition.

Interiors Magazine

Two articles feature works in this January 2015 issues. Time Capsule, pages 82-83 and Room to Grow, page 91. Both works were exhibited at Gruen Galleries in Chicago.

Architectural Digest

The painting entitled "Sojourn", commissioned through Cheryl Hazan Contemporary Art, appeared in the November 2009 issue.
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